Safety Solutions

Combine ARGUS PRISM’s experience with years
of proven data and you can’t go wrong. Big or
small, our team can diagnose your organization’s
SMS needs and help you succeed.

PRISM SMS Software

A PRISM SMS subscription is a partnership in safety management systems. ARGUS Safety Experts stay by your side for all of your SMS needs, including:

• Safety Reporting
• Risk Management
• Safety Intelligence
• Safety Performance Indicators (SPI)

Safety Culture Survey

The ARGUS Safety Culture Survey will contain an analysis of the following categories, measured as strength, effective or weakness:

• Management Commitment
• Communication
• Priority of Safety
• Safety Rules
• Work Environment
• Management Style
• Managing Change

Safety Assessment

ARGUS PRISM specializes in aviation safety and risk management. An Operational Safety Assessment evaluates the following key points:

• Identify opportunities for improvement
• Six Sigma coaching
• Clarify performance metrics
• Evaluate your oversight process
• Assess conformance with industry safety standards

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