Safety Culture Survey


In order for your organization’s Safety Management System (SMS) to be successful, you must have an effective and ‘just’ Safety Culture.  But how do you know what kind of a Safety Culture you currently have?  That is where a Safety Culture Survey comes in.  Our online safety culture survey assesses your operational climate and identifies leading indicators that may be indicative of strengths and weaknesses in your safety culture.

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The survey is performed by a member of the ARGUS – PRISM Team, using an online survey tool.  All you have to do is select which questions you want from a list we provide to you and give us the Names and Email addresses of who you want to participate in the survey.

We then run the survey and create a report for you once your personnel have generated enough responses. The survey report will contain an analysis of the following categories measured as strength, effective, or weakness

-Management Commitment


-Priority of Safety

-Safety Rules

-Work Environment

-Management Style

-Managing Change

Upon purchasing the survey you will receive an email with specific instructions and an attachment.  Once you have filled out the attachment and sent it to the contact info provided in the email, you will be contacted to coordinate timing of the survey release and suggested messaging for you to use to announce the survey to your organization.  You will be able to contact the ARGUS – PRISM Team at any time throughout the process with questions you may have.

PRICE  For less than 200 participants = $1,339

If you have more than 200 employees in your organization, please contact PRISM directly for custom pricing

NOTE: If you are a PRISM/ARMOR subscriber, your subscription includes one survey per year. If you are not a subscriber and would like information about PRISM/ARMOR SMS Tools subscription, please click here.