Certifications & Assessments

ARGUS Certification and Assessment Experts perform, assist or advise on your Regulatory & Safety Assessments, Technical Asset Management, Part 121, 125, 129 or 135 Certification Projects, Due Diligence, Market Analysis, Operational Benchmarking and Optimization Strategies.
ARGUS experts specialize in FAA certification & deliverables, CHEP, Operational Health Assessment, Codeshare Audits, GAP Analysis, and additional solutions tailored to your needs.
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ARGUS experts are here to assist in achieving your Part 125, Part 135 or Part 91 subpart k certification and ensuring your operation meets industry best practices.
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ARGUS offers experts in Airfield Services & Support to provide turnkey solutions for airport expansion plans, operational health assessments and safety systems, MRO startups, growth strategies, FBO market studies, and implementing Safety Management Systems (SMS).
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