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Aviation Analytics

Need specific data about your organization? We've got you covered.


Our flight tracking software and robust database provide information important to numerous types of aviation businesses. Choose the flight tracking software subscription that fits your needs.

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ARGUS’ ClearView is an Aircraft Operations Analysis and Benchmarking tool used to analyze the current and historical trends of aircraft activity, and to make better and more efficient planning decisions.
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Custom Reports

Simply tell our aviation experts your business goals, data you would like to segment, and information that would be valuable to your business - and we will create a custom TRAQPak report.
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TRAQPak Pro provides valuable aircraft activity data that is useful in strategic decision making for analyzing current & historical aircraft activity trends. Analyze flight hours, cycles, fuel burn data and so much more for an individual aircraft, fleet of aircraft or the entire industry. This robust aviation intelligence tool will help shape your business for future growth and empower you to make data-driven decisions.


The operations powerhouse you need to understand your flight operations. TRAQPak FBO was designed in coordination with Fixed Based Operators to provide the information that matters most.

TRAQPak Fleet

TRAQPak Fleet allows you to track your aircraft in real-time and it provides additional reporting needed to support your daily operations.

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