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ARGUS’s PRISM Consulting Team offers Part 91 and Part 135 initial certifications, fleet analysis and evaluations of your complete operation.

Part 135 Initial Turnkey Certification

ARGUS PRISM has extensive experience in Part 135 certification consulting. Our Subject Matter Experts are extremely knowledgeable in all steps necessary to submit the application (“PASI”) and assist in all the steps of the certification process for a smooth FAA review and approval.

• Startup efforts (analysis to execution) – new certification or amending your Part 91 to qualify for Part 135
- Perform an analysis of organizational policies, processes and procedures per the FAA Safety Assurance System, Element Design Data Collection Tools and the provision of guidance and support to the operator to facilitate the certification process.
- Or we can access a potential purchase of an existing Part 135 Operating Certificate

• Ensures your flight and maintenance operations comply with the changing regulatory requirements
• Allow a trusted partner to provide specialized advice and expertise to identify and mitigate procedural risks

Part 91 and 135 Support Services

ARGUS PRISM provides a variety of support services to maintain the highest level of safety and service to your customers

• ARGUS PRISM develops and customize manuals for startup and mature operators of various sizes around the world
- Operations Manuals – General/Flight/Maintenance/Cabin/SMS
- Training Manuals
- Emergency Response Procedures and Handling of Dangerous Goods

• Optimize your overall operations to increase operational efficiencies
• Keep your aircraft expenses in check - PRISM reviews expenses and maintenance records

Operational Safety Assessment

ARGUS PRISM specializes in operational safety assessments and the importance of creating a customized safety risk profile as a base for implementing a sound safety culture in your operations. ARGUS PRISM develops a Safety Management System (SMS ) allowing establishment of a deep-rooted safety culture.

• Operational Safety Assessments – On-site assessment and reporting of your SMS effectiveness and safety culture
• Assess performance against industry standards
• Identify opportunities for improvement – assist in implementation of procedural improvements SMS Training – Initial and Effectiveness Classes

Air Carrier Services

ARGUS Air Carrier Consultants provide you with the most powerful tools and resources available to build your company.

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UAS +Drone + eVTOL Services

Attaining your UAS FAA Certification can be an overwhelming process. ARGUS makes It easier.

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MRO Services

Are you looking to launch an MRO, update your current capabilities, evaluate a purchase of an MRO or add your new Safety Management System to your MRO? We can help!
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