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ClearView users have the capability to benchmark their fleet of aircraft, compared to different segments of the aviation industry.

ARGUS Analytics

ClearView with ARGUS Analytics offers operators an opportunity to gain access to our renowned industry data via our ClearView dashboard and our analytics specialists who craft our published Monthly Activity Reports, Annual Report and Mid-Year Report. These reports represent the industry standard for data analysis and are seen in such publications as Aviation International News, Bloomberg and Newsweek.

Interactive Fleet Benchmarking

Using our Fleet Analysis report, ClearView users have the capability to benchmark their fleet of aircraft, compared to different segments of the aviation industry. Benchmarking is interactive, in that a user will adjust the metrics (airports, routes, Charter segment, etc.) they want to benchmark and then they can view the results instantaneously within the dashboard.

Dynamic Flight Mapping

ClearView offers dynamic flight mapping which provides a user with a visual picture of global activity. From these visuals a user will be able to identify the busiest region(s) and will have the capability to view activity all the way down to the individual flight itself. The result is a dynamic experience that takes you from a global perspective and moves you to the actionable information you’re looking for.

Filter Logic

With multiple filtering options and data points a user can start with the whole world at their fingertips and narrow their data point down to a specific aircraft type, aircraft category, World region, time period, operational category, airport or fleet.

Global Aircraft Activity Plotting

ClearView provides targeted, strategic information by bringing together several of the world’s largest business aviation databases and combining them with Global ADS-B aircraft position data and sourced flight plan data.


Our flight tracking software and robust database provide information important to numerous types of aviation businesses. Choose the flight tracking software subscription that fits your needs.

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ARGUS’ ClearView is a Global Aircraft Operations Analysis and Benchmarking tool used to analyze the current and historical trends of aircraft activity, and to make better and more efficient planning decisions.
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ARGUS Analytics

Simply tell our aviation experts your business goals, data you would like to segment, and information that would be valuable to your business - and we will create a custom TRAQPak report.
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