ARGUS Academy

ARGUS Academy offers SMS training, Auditor
training and customized, on-site training.

Custom Training

Looking for training to meet your specific needs as an organization? We've got you covered. ARGUS' team of instructors is here to serve your company. Browse our store to see all the classes ARGUS has to offer, or contact us to learn more about customizable training.

Auditor Training

ARGUS Academy offers the most comprehensive training, taught by the most experienced auditing professionals. Courses include IOSA Auditor Training, ICAT Training, ALAT Training ,and virtual options. Scroll down to learn more.
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SMS Training

Train with instructors that have real world experience with Safety Management. ARGUS SMS Training provides the knowledge you need to implement an effective Safety Management System in your aviation operation.
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Custom Training

Customize your on-site course to cover just what your operation requires. ARGUS experts come to you and can train your entire operation, or one safety manager. We can conduct on-site courses to meet your operation’s needs
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