Monday Minute

DENVER, CO (March 20, 2023) In the first 18 days of March 2023, Spring Break traffic has dominated North American business aviation activity. Eight of the top ten airports for this time period are located in the Southern US. The exceptions being KTEB (the busiest business aviation airport annually) and KHPN. Three of the top 10 airports are in Florida (KPBI, KOPF, KAPF) and two are in Texas (KHOU, KDAL).

Charter flights accounted for 40.6% of flight activity from these top 10 airports during the first two and half weeks of March 2023. Fractional flights accounted for 25.4% and General Aviation flights the remaining 34%. Top routes for this time period included KTEB – KPBI, KVNY – KLAS, and KTEB-KOPF.

In a year over year comparison, flight activity at these ten airports is down nearly 9% from March 2022. Nine out of ten airports saw a decline in year over year activity, the exception being KLAS.
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