Monday Minute

DENVER, CO (January 9, 2024) With the holiday season comes an increase in the distribution and delivery of packages. As a result, Cargo flight activity sees a huge increase in the month of December. This line graph depicts the daily number of Cargo flights in North America. Most of the visible variance is caused by typical fluctuations in flight activity through the calendar week. The orange line represents the annual average for each day of the week. Daily flight activity remained above the annual averages until Christmas Eve, December 24th. The largest variances from 2023 averages are observed on and adjacent to the weekends.

With over 86,000 cargo flights recorded, December was the 2nd busiest month in 2023. Out of the top 10 busiest days for Cargo flights in 2023, 8 fell in December. The top 10 destinations for Cargo flights during the month are included as well. December cargo traffic accounted for anywhere between 8.3% - 10.4% of annual cargo traffic at these airports.
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