Endeavor Air Joins ARGUS PROS Support Program

DENVER, CO (October 24, 2023) Endeavor Air, one of the eleven US Regional airlines, announced Endeavor will be continuing their safety partnership with ARGUS PROS LLC as part of the new PROS Support Program.

PROS will be providing operational safety services, to include training and operational safety consulting in cooperation with Endeavor’s Internal Evaluation and Quality divisions.

ARGUS PROS Executive Vice President, Terry Webb, stated “PROS and Endeavor have engaged in a successful safety partnership since 2018. Endeavor has agreed to continue and transition to the next level utilizing PROS newest service, the PROS Support Program (PSP). The PSP is in addition to Endeavor maintaining compliance with the rigorous mandatory regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration. Endeavor has chosen to continue a companywide commitment in maintaining continuous operational safety conformance and PROS is honored to be part of that commitment. “

Endeavor Air is a regional airline headquartered at the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Endeavor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines and, operates aircraft used on Delta Connection flights.

“At Endeavor Air, our number one priority is the safety of our people, customers, and operation,” said Todd Tilbury, Managing Director of Safety. “Our commitment to safety includes ensuring that we remain in compliance with all internal and external safety standards and that is why we are excited to join the PROS Support Program and partner with their team of safety experts. We’re confident that by working with ARGUS PROS we’ll be able to learn from their years of experience and expertise to bring additional industry best practices to Endeavor, which will only improve the safety of our operation.”
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