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Business Aviation Audit Programs Manager

Responsibilities for the position will include, but not be limited to, the following:
• Develops and maintains database of audit report quality issues.
• Assists in development of BA forms, checklists and manuals.
• Assists in managing various audit standards.
• Assists Sales Department with proposals.
• Coordinates with Audit Production the closure of Business Aviation audits.
• Ensures current BA forms, checklists and manuals are posted on the proper webbased
portal for auditor access.
• Communicates additional resource needs to the Director Audit Program BA.
• Supports accounting department through preparation of Reimbursable Expense
Reports and training course registration payment processing.
• Supports document management and control system through development,
maintenance, and distribution of manuals, templates and documents used directly in
the conduct and support of operations.
• Monitors Flight Safety Foundation, International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), Air
Charter Safety Foundation for audit program related changes.
• Responsible for maintaining personal Lead Auditor currency.
• Maintains auditor training and personnel records.
• Assists with on-boarding process for new auditors.
• Provides technical support and training to auditors in the use of various methods to
include web-based applications used by the company
• Conduct Historical Safety Reports (HSR) and Desktop Audits when required.


Denver, CO