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DENVER, CO (August 31, 2022) ARGUS International, a member of the SGS group, is pleased to announce the launch of ARGUS Analytics, a new service that provides ARGUS’ state of the art ClearView global data dashboard, and one-on-one sessions with an ARGUS data analyst to support operators and their strategic initiatives.

With over 15 years of experience in business aviation data analysis, ARGUS International has been committed to providing the industry with the highest quality global data solutions.

ClearView with ARGUS Analytics supports operators by giving them access to our global data via our ClearView dashboard, and our analytics specialists who are experts in capturing complex data streams and crafting them into valuable, meaningful reports. ARGUS’ analytics specialists publish the Monthly Activity Reports, Annual Report and Mid-Year Report that represent the industry standard for data analysis.

"Our software is predicated on responding to the needs of our client base and the overall marketplace. ARGUS Analytics now takes those offerings a step further in bolstering our already formidable software platforms with our in-house analytics team. The result is truly special and I’m confident our clients will see an immediate impact from ​​​​​ARGUS Analytics,” said Travis Kuhn, SVP, ARGUS International Market Intelligence.

ARGUS Analytics is the solution for operations that need specialized support in data analysis and want to rely on an industry leader to take them to the next level.

“For over 26 years ARGUS has been committed to business aviation excellence - providing data and information needed to help flight departments manage risk, make informed decisions, and sustain continuous improvement. ARGUS Analytics offered through ClearView, brings the power of the ARGUS team to our customers for the support their data research needs,” said Mike McCready, President of ARGUS International.

ARGUS International continues to bring innovative solutions to the aviation industry. Flight Tracking software solutions such as TRAQPak and ClearView, and SMS software, SafetyLinQ and PRISM ARMOR, are recognized as the most efficient and accurate in the industry.

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