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Your Customizable Pre-Flight FRAT

Utilizing ARGUS SafetyLinQ before flights standardizes your risk decision making. It features forms that are easily customizable with just a few clicks of the mouse to ensure applicability to your specific organization. SafetyLinQ allows your users to submit reports offline when there is no internet connection and stores reports locally on your device.


Dual Safety Scoring

Two customizable scoring thresholds available that can be triggered by either an individual category score or the overall report score.


Pilots and crew can capture and read each others’ notes about airports and mission areas as they fill out FRAT Reports.

UFI+ (User Friendly Interface)

The customizable user interface is friendly and appropriate to each user’s level of access.

Dynamic Interface Portal

APIs are available for integration with 3rd party applications and services.

Role-Based Access

User access levels can be controlled by the organization’s Safety Manager.

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