Virtual ICAT Presentation (V-ICAT) May 02-04, 2023

Virtual IOSA Conformance Auditor Training ( V-ICAT)


Time: 1800-2200 (MDT; UTC/GMT -7)

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Virtual IOSA Conformance Auditor Training (V-ICAT) May 02 – 04


Time: 1800-2200 (Mountain Daylight Time; UTC/GMT -7)

Virtual ICAT is a 3-day (4 hrs/day) course designed for the IOSA operator to educate staff, internal auditors and management positions on the process and procedures surrounding the IOSA audit and their roles and responsibilities.  Upon successful completion, an ARGUS PROS Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each participant.  The V-ICAT meets the training requirements for ORG 3.4.13.