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Top 20 Cargo Operators


The Top 20 Cargo Operators Market Report allows you to evaluate the most traveled cargo routes and airports to understand who the top players are in cargo operations.

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Are you looking for cargo demand by market, are you trying to identify who the main operators are or do you just need an overview of the US Cargo industry? Look no further than our Cargo operator report. This report allows you to identify major operators along with their supporting feeder companies and identifies their key areas of activity.


This report includes a PDF file that identifies the Top 20 US Cargo operators for the last month ranked by departures and broken down to show each operator’s top 10 airports. In addition to the PDF file, you will receive a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the data points, allowing you to analyze the data points you really need.


  • Understand the total operations breakdown of the top cargo operators in the United States
  • View the top 10 markets for each cargo operator
  • You will receive the report in a PDF and Excel file
  • Additional data reports are available on request