ARGUS PROS IS THE WORLDWIDE LEADER IN PERFORMING ONSITE AVIATION AUDITS AND AUDITOR TRAINING FOR BUSINESS AVIATION OPERATIONS. ARGUS PROS executes more audits and to a wider variety of different standards than any other Auditing Organization in the industry- ensuring each audit event is a fair, balanced, and objective assessment. With more than 55 auditors across the globe, ARGUS PROS is comprised of the best professional auditors in the industry executing more than 1500 audits across 6 continents, including North America, South American, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. With its unmatched audits, unparalleled leadership, unequaled auditor experience, and global capabilities, ARGUS PROS is best, full-service source for the ultimate experience in auditing excellence.


BARS is a risk-based program established to improve safety in aircraft operations within remote and hazardous environments, such as mining and resource sector, government, and other aid agencies. The program aims to raise aviation safety standards and to assist organizations with the management of aviation risk by evaluating actual threats posed to aviation operation, and determining recovery and mitigation measures.


ARGUS PROS has the unique capabilities of performing a variety of different standards to determine compliance and analyze an operation’s daily practices and procedures.
  • AAS Certified Corporate Flight Department
  • ACSF- Air Charter Safety Foundation Industry
  • FAR Parts 91/135/141
  • Perform Gap Analysis
  • Customer Specified Standards