ARGUS AVIATION SAFETY AND TRAVEL RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES ARE TAILORED SPECIFICALLY TOWARD THE NEEDS OF YOUR COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY, AND ENABLES YOU TO MITIGATE TRAVEL-RELATED RISKS. ARGUS understands the substantial responsibility you have ensuring the air travel safety of your students, faculty and alumni. With ARGUS’ global experience in business, commercial and private aviation, we are uniquely capable of providing the knowledge you need to ensure that all college and university travel is undertaken using safe, reputable air transportation providers. ARGUS SERVICES FOR COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY INCLUDE:
  • Risk Mitigation- air charter provider safety ratings and individual flight safety vetting
  • Travel Assessment
  • Development of Travel and Vendor Standards
  • Onsite safety audits of commercial and charter providers as well as University-run flight departments
  • Aircraft sale and acquisition assistance
  • Safety management systems for University-run flight departments
  • Ad-hoc consulting and research services