ARGUS PROS IS A LEADING GLOBAL PROVIDER OF AVIATION AUDITOR TRAINING FOR BOTH AIRLINE AND BUSINESS AVIATION AUDITORS. Our Auditor Training courses are located in Denver, CO at our training facility. If you can’t make it to our Denver location courses may be conducted at your location. Please contact us for more information about holding an aviation training course onsite.



Designed by ARGUS PROS, this course is for professionals within the business aviation and air carrier industries who are interested in conducting various types of aviation audits. With thorough and relevant curriculum, the ALAT will prepare you to conduct internal, external, third party and airline codeshare audits. This course benefits new entrants into aviation auditing as well as experienced auditors. The curriculum builds a solid auditing foundation and sharpens the skills set of those individuals who are looking to enhance their aviation auditing, with training in:
  • Lead Auditor competencies, duties, and responsibilities
  • Practical exercises and proper technique for quality auditing
  • Planning and conducting successful audits
  • Working and interacting seamlessly with audit teams
  • Quality management principles
  • Principles of continual improvement
  • Writing audit reports
The ALAT is an IBAC-approved course and meets the auditor training requirements for IS-BAO auditors.


The Recurrent Aviation Lead Auditor Training course is designed for those who have previously taken an Auditor Training course and are looking to further refine their auditing skills.  This course will build off the topics covered in ARGUS PROS Aviation Lead Auditor Training, and provide a more in-depth look at the subject matter. The R-ALAT is an experiential driven course with an equal amount of time split between classroom and practical training.  This training course is designed for those who have completed a formal auditor training course in the past 10 years.  Verification may be required following course registration.
IAT (IOSA AUDITOR TRAINING) The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has accredited ARGUS PROS as one of only two IATA Endorsed Training Organizations to provide the IAT course. The IOSA Auditor Training is a five day, modern and interactive class which enforces standardization in practicing IOSA auditing and provides the resources and competence for optimum performance in the field. The IAT aims to enhance students’ knowledge and practical skills on airline management, general corporate organization and management systems, and airline processes and procedures, with training in:
  • IOSA terminology, audit processes, checklists and logistics
  • Legal considerations and aspects
  • IOSA manuals, including the IOSA Standards Manual (ISM), the IOSA Program Manual (IPM), and the IOSA Auditor Handbook (IAH)
  • Auditor competence
  • Intercultural awareness
  • IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs)
  • Determination of conformity with ISARPs
The IAT is applicable to both individuals looking to become IOSA Qualified Auditors and airline personnel looking to enhance their understanding of the program.


This course is for professionals within the air carrier auditing industry who will be working with the IOSA program as part of the company’s Conformance Report production team. The ICAT meets the training requirements for ORG 3.4.13 and provides internal auditors with the knowledge and understanding of IOSA needed to develop and implement a Conformance Report. Here’s an outline of what will be covered in the course:
  • An introduction to the IOSA program
  • Learn more about the Conformance Report
  • Understand IOSA Methodology and Terminology
  • Gain knowledge of Auditing Principles and Techniques
  • Learn more aboutQuality Assurance Programs
  • Understand how to interpret ISARPs
  • Gain in-depth experience about the Audit Performance
  • Learn more about Quality Management
The ICAT is a two (2) day course that is presented periodically at the ARGUS PROS Training Center near Denver, Colorado, USA.


Designed for people who have already completed training for IOSA ISARP interpretation, this course highlights significant changes from ISM 10 to ISM 11. As an online Computer Based Training  program the course is self-paced. On average the course takes between 2-3 hours to complete. Attendees should have access to the internet and the IATA manual suite throughout the course. This course meets the recurrent training requirements associated with ORG 3.4.13 (iii)(b).  For more information on this course, please contact us via the form below.


Are you unable to attend any of these course locations? Do you have a large group of individuals you’d like to send to the training course, but are concerned about travel expenses? No problem! ARGUS PROS’ experts are willing to travel onsite to your location to deliver our world-class auditor training courses, right from the comfort of your office – saving you valuable time and money. Contact us today for more information.