ARGUS PROS IS THE LEADER IN ONSITE AVIATION AUDITS AROUND THE WORLD, AND THE ONLY AUDIT ORGANIZATION TO DEVELOP ITS OWN PRESTIGIOUS STANDARD, ARGUS AUDIT STANDARD (AAS). The ARGUS Audit Standard provides the industry’s most comprehensive due diligence evaluation of an organizations flights and maintenance operations- specifically designed to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of an integrated Safety Management System (SMS) program. Some benefits of the ARGUS Audit Standard include:
  • Comprehensive due diligence evaluation of a flight operation and maintenance
  • Enhanced operational practices, safety stature, processes and communications
  • Thorough review of operations and maintenance policies, procedures and documentation
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of SMS
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness through an integrated SMS
  • Reduced rates and/or enhanced support from insurance providers
  IT’S MORE THAN JUST AN AUDIT- IT’S ABOUT ACHIEVING HIGHER STANDARDS AND LONG-LASTING BENEFITS TO YOUR OPERATION. The benefits of an ARGUS PROS audit will extend far beyond just the audit alone.  You will start to see residual effects extend into your daily safety culture, cost efficiency, personal security, and the overall effectiveness of the operation.
COMBO AUDIT- ARGUS AUDIT STANDARD IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE IS-BAO AUDIT Only ARGUS PROS is capable of performing the exceptional combination of the ARGUS Audit Standard and IS-BAO- saving our customers valuable time and money by combining these two audit experiences into one visit.
   Standalone, each audit has individual benefits to meet an operator’s specific needs or requirements.  But the combination of these audit standards is ideal for the organizations which strive to improve efficiency, enhance operational practices, enrich processes and communication will assure sustainability in a competitive market.