A Year of The Top 50 Airports by Fuel Burn


A full year of the Top Airports by Fuel Burn Market Report lists the airports and markets allowing you to determine the fuel used on trips to popular airports.  Use a full year of data to anticipate the capacity of each aircraft, allowing your business to plan for refueling opportunities.

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Do you need to know where the largest fuel volumes are? Are you looking for opportunities outside of the Top 10 or 20 markets? Our fuel burn report allows you to identify the top 50 North American markets for fuel volume, and associated flight volume, for each arriving aircraft.

The report includes a PDF file that identifies the Top 50 North American airports for the last 12 months ranked by fuel burn and broken down by each airport’s associated flight activity. In addition to the PDF file, you will receive a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the data points, allowing you to analyze the data points you really need.

  • Identify the top tier airports for fuel volume in North America
  • View the breakdown between fuel burn and flight volume in each market
  • You will receive the report in a PDF and Excel file
  • Additional data reports are available on request