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TSC Environmental Achieves ARGUS Unmanned Rating

ARGUS International, Inc. is pleased to announce TSC Environmental has achieved the ARGUS Unmanned Gold Rating. The ARGUS Gold Rating is one of three ARGUS Ratings unmanned operators may achieve. The ARGUS Audit Standard was designed for commercial unmanned aircraft operations to assess their operational safety and was developed to focus on the operator’s efforts to conduct appropriate standardized operations for every mission. As the first audit of its kind, it creates a fully-vetted registry of commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems operators to support end-customer sourcing and due diligence requirements for internal operations and external vendor qualification. “We are excited to be the newest ARGUS UAS Gold-rated operator, as safety and compliance always come first,” said Shane Mckinzie, Aerial Services Manager for TSC Environmental. “We look forward to pushing the boundaries in UAV technology and services to better serve our clients and make them successful!” To become ARGUS Gold rated, unmanned operators must: be a legal entity with applicable insurance, have at least one UAS in operation, go through an in-depth historical safety analysis, have pilot backgrounds checked, and UAS procedures and processes validated. “We are pleased to welcome TSC Environmental into the elite group of ARGUS Unmanned Rated Operators,” said Joe Moeggenberg, ARGUS CEO and Founder. “This achievement by TSC Environmental demonstrates their high regard for safety and dedication to upholding the highest safety standards.” Over the last 20 years, the ARGUS Gold and Platinum Ratings Program has become the most recognized and respected source of quality assessments on aircraft charter operators, making ARGUS rated commercial operators the preferred choice for the largest and most sophisticated consumers in the world. The ARGUS Unmanned standard audit program provides the pathway for commercial UAS operators to achieve Platinum recognition.


About ARGUS International Inc. ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is the worldwide leader in specialized aviation services that allow organizations around the globe to improve their operational and business decision making. ARGUS provides world-class aviation software and business management solutions, including TRAQPak, PRISM ARMOR SMS, and AVMOSYS Flight Scheduling Software. ARGUS Charter operator ratings are the most recognized and requested independent source of overall operator quality. TRAQPak provides industry leading market intelligence data and research services, as well as expert aviation consulting. ARGUS subsidiaries include ARGUS PROS, the leading provider of onsite safety audits, PRISM, a worldwide leader in Safety Management Systems and Certification services, and the Unmanned Safety Institute (USI), world’s leading UAS safety education and training services provider. Founded in 1995, ARGUS is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and is actively engaged around the globe.   About TSC Environmental TSC Environmental implemented UAV technology into its internal business workflow in 2014 and began offering it as a stand-alone service in the fall of 2016.TSC is unique in that our aerial services division is not just another drone start-up company, but it has been born and shaped out of years of experience servicing major companies within a variety of industries. We at TSC understand the safety culture and professionalism it takes to work for many of the largest companies in the oil & gas industry, the precision and attention to detail necessary to be successful in the construction industry, and the integrity and commitment to excellence required to be a preferred vendor for government and municipal agencies.  Currently, TSC’s aerial services include mapping/modeling/precision-survey (photogrammetry), pipeline and asset inspections, thermal inspections and monitoring (radiometric), agriculture surveys, and photography/cinematography.  The aerial services team at TSC is continuing to redefine excellence ‘from the ground up’.



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