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South Texas Commercial Drones Achieves ARGUS Unmanned Rating

ARGUS International, Inc. is pleased to announce South Texas Commercial Drones has achieved the ARGUS Unmanned Gold Rating. The ARGUS Gold Rating is one of three ARGUS Ratings unmanned service providers may achieve. The ARGUS Audit Standard was designed for commercial unmanned aircraft operations to assess their operational safety and was developed to focus on the operator’s efforts to conduct appropriate standardized operations for every mission. The ARGUS Unmanned Rating, the first rating of its kind, creates a fully-vetted list of commercial unmanned service providers. “South Texas Commercial Drones is very pleased to earn the ARGUS Gold rating, and this accreditation is representative of our by-the-book, safety first, professional approach to operations,” said Jeff Lewis, Vice President of South Texas Commercial Drones. “We are looking forward to making a contribution to this growing industry by providing our customers with innovative solutions that enhance their profitability and minimize risks to their facilities and personnel.” To become ARGUS Gold rated, unmanned service providers must: be a legal entity with applicable insurance, have at least one UAS in operation, go through an in-depth historical safety analysis, have pilot backgrounds checks, and UAS procedures and processes validated. “I would like to welcome South Texas Commercial Drones into the elite group of ARGUS Unmanned service providers,” said Joe Moeggenberg, ARGUS CEO and Founder. “It is apparent that South Texas Commercial Drones has shown a commitment to higher standards within the UAS industry.” Over the last 20 years, the ARGUS Gold and Platinum Ratings Program has become the most recognized and respected source of quality assessments on aircraft charter operators, making ARGUS rated commercial operators the preferred choice for the largest and most sophisticated consumers in the world. The ARGUS Unmanned standard audit program provides the pathway for commercial UAS operators to achieve Platinum recognition. To view the ARGUS Unmanned UAS Registry with all our rated operators visit,  


About ARGUS Unmanned Established by ARGUS International in 2016, ARGUS Unmanned’s mission is to assist Unmanned Aircraft Systems operators achieve the highest levels of safety and regulatory compliance possible by leveraging our global aviation safety expertise. ARGUS Unmanned provides enterprises or organizations focused on integrating and operating UAS for civil/commercial purposes, Safety Management System solutions to the UAS market and an international ratings program for unmanned aircraft operations. To learn more visit



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