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ARGUS PROS, a subsidiary of ARGUS International, is pleased to announce it will host the Flight Safety Foundation BARS Auditor Accreditation Course in Denver March 19-21. The three-day course introduces participants to the elements of the Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Program. The course requires a good level of knowledge and experience of aviation audits from its attendees, as it provides a working knowledge of the BARS Program and demonstrates the practices and principals that underpin it. Some attendees are present as observers of the course, and are able to gain a deeper insight into the BARS Audit process. “The BARS audit is an exceptional audit program that’s recognized throughout the world for its ability to help operators manage aviation risk, particularly within remote and challenging environments. As one of five companies throughout the world approved to conduct BARS audits, ARGUS PROS is very pleased to host this unique opportunity to train additional auditors,” said Patrick O’Flaherty, Director of Audit Programs, Business Aviation at ARGUS PROS. “The Flight Safety Foundation and BARS Program succeed by means of collaboration with our industry participants. We are very grateful to be working with ARGUS International to present this course in Denver and also for the work ARGUS International undertakes in the BARS Program,” said David Anderson, Managing Director, BARS Program. The objectives of the auditor accreditation course are as follows:
  • Provide background to the BARS Program
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of the BARS Standard and BARS Implementation Guidelines
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of BARS auditing methodology
  • Gain insight into the use and completion of audit checklists used during BARS audits
  • Understand executive summary and report writing requirements in accordance with BARS Program policy
  • Gain insight into the QC process followed by the BARS Program Office prior to publishing reports
  • Gain an understanding of BARSoft, the software program used to record all audit activities
More information about the course is available online at  


  About ARGUS PROS ARGUS PROS, a wholly owned subsidiary of ARGUS International, is a worldwide leader in on-site aviation audits. Acquired by ARGUS International in 2007, ARGUS PROS is an experienced quality provider and committed in supporting and enhancing safety initiatives. About Flight Safety Foundation  The Flight Safety Foundation is an international industry body based in Virginia, USA that provides independent and expert safety advice, guidance and resources to the aviation sector. For more information on the BARS Program, please visit or contact the Australian regional office on +61 1300 557 162



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