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ARGUS Integrates Pulsar Informatics’ Aviation Fatigue Meter into PRISM SMS Mobile Applications

ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is pleased to announce the integration of Pulsar Informatics’ world-class Aviation Fatigue Meter™ into the PRISM ARMOR Safety Management System mobile applications. Pulsar’s Aviation Fatigue Meter™ is a proprietary algorithm and system which translates raw user data into actionable fatigue risk information. By integrating this functionality within PRISM’s mobile applications, users will be better able to monitor and analyze fatigue risk of their crews and make more informed decisions. Pulsar’s Aviation Fatigue Meter™ has been integrated with PRISM’s SMS web-based tool for the past several years. “Business aviation has struggled to accurately and effectively capture the fatigue problem, relying exclusively upon duty limits and static flight scheduling limitations,” stated Steve Witowski, Vice President, Business Aviation Safety Systems for PRISM. “PRISM can now move operators beyond these limitations through the integration of the Fatigue Meter into our FRAT, facilitating real fatigue risk management and attacking one of the most prominent risks faced by business aviation operations.” The Aviation Fatigue Meter system was developed and backed by years of research by leading sleep and fatigue specialists. Pulsar utilizes a sophisticated biomathematical model which scientifically estimates objective fatigue data. This system meets the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) definition of a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). ICAO defines an FRMS as a “data-driven means of continuously monitoring and managing fatigue-related safety risks that aims to ensure crew members are performing at adequate levels of alertness.” From an IS-BAO perspective, the use of the Aviation Fatigue Meter as part of the SMS allows the operator to assess fatigue throughout its operation and provide an efficient way to monitor the effectiveness of the Fatigue Management Plan. “Customers utilizing Aviation Fatigue Meter routinely are reporting that the crew awareness of fatigue risk, diligence to improve their sleep habits, and willingness to be more proactive with nap strategies has improved quite a bit” said Steve Bruneau, COO of Pulsar Informatics. “The Integration of the Pulsar Informatics Aviation Fatigue Meter with ARGUS PRISM ARMOR expands our fatigue management tools into the business aviation market,” stated Daniel Mollicone, PhD, CEO of Pulsar Informatics. “This partnership allows us to leverage our fatigue management technology developed for NASA, DoD, and FAA. We believe we are developing an unmatched body of industry specific fatigue know-how that can reduce fatigue risk for flight crews and aviation companies.” About Pulsar Informatics Founded in 2001, Pulsar Informatics, Inc. develops state-of-the-art technology for assessing behavioral alertness in research and operational settings. Pulsar’s tools help individuals and organizations achieve peak performance and reduce fatigue-related risk. About ARGUS International Inc. ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is a specialized aviation services company whose mission is to provide the aviation marketplace with data and information necessary to make informed decisions and manage risk. ARGUS provides world class aviation software and business management solutions, including revolutionary new AVMOSYS business management software, TRAQPak, CHEQ, and ARMOR SMS. ARGUS Charter operator ratings are the most recognized and requested independent source of overall operator quality. TRAQPak provides industry leading market intelligence data and research services, as well as expert aviation consulting. ARGUS subsidiaries include ARGUS PROS, the leading provider of on-site safety audits and PRISM, a worldwide leader in Safety Management System (SMS) and Certification services. Founded in 1995, ARGUS is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and actively engaged around the globe. ### Contact Info Sally Feldmann, ARGUS International, Director of Marketing| Phone: +1-513-852-1021 |



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