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AVMOSYS Offers the First Fully-Mobile Flight Scheduling App for Business Aviation

The flight scheduling application is the first to fully leverage the power of smart devices to provide greater functionality ARGUS International, Inc., the worldwide leader in specialized aviation services, announced the release of AVMOSYS v2.0, the first fully-mobile flight scheduling software application for the business aviation industry. “With mobile devices projected to drive nearly 80 percent of the world’s total internet usage in 2018, creating a fully-mobile application was an easy decision when it came to the next step in AVMOSYS’ evolution as a software application. Mobile apps are the future of software programs,” said Scott Liston, Executive Vice


ARGUS International Welcomes New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS), the worldwide leader in specialized aviation services, today announced Charles Cunningham has joined the company as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Cunningham is responsible for leading and managing the sales and marketing team and reports to CEO, Joe Moeggenberg. Cunningham brings over 10 years of experience in marketing and sales, a depth of industry knowledge and a wealth of experience in sales management, marketing and business development. “With over 10 years of experience Charles has a proven track record of driving business results through innovative campaigns, key sales successes and the management of high-performance


ARGUS International Launches Second in Command Gateway Program

The Program Embraces a Data-Driven Approach to Pilot Training to Enhance Safety Performance  ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is pleased to announce the launch of its Second in Command (SIC) Gateway Program, the program’s goal is to recognize valuable safety related experience beyond hours in the air, and to qualify pilots with quality experience to meet and/or exceed the ARGUS TripCHEQ SIC minimums. “ARGUS recognizes more than flight hours determine the competency and qualification of a pilot,” said Joe Moeggenberg, President and CEO of ARGUS International, Inc. “The Second in Command Gateway Program highlights competency-based training, and through our three


TRAQPak FBO Expands into Europe with EUROCONTROL Flight Data

May 29, 2018 – ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS), the worldwide leader in specialized aviation services, today announced its aircraft activity analysis and market intelligence tool, TRAQPak FBO, is now integrated with EUROCONTROL, an intergovernmental organization committed to building a Single European Sky that will deliver the air traffic management (ATM) performance required for the twenty-first century and beyond. The extension will allow flights throughout Europe to be tracked within TRAQPak FBO, bringing TRAQPak data and insights to Europe while extending flight data available to current TRAQPak customers. “We are very pleased to provide our TRAQPak FBO program that now


Skytec LLC Becomes First Unmanned Service Provider to Complete an ARGUS Unmanned Audit

ARGUS International, Inc. is pleased to announce Skytec, LLC as the world’s first Drone as a Service (DaaS) provider to complete an ARGUS Unmanned Audit. The Platinum Rating is the highest ARGUS rating an organization operating unmanned aircraft can achieve. Only companies who have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best practices relative to their operations and maintenance with the utmost regard for safety through the evaluation of an on-site audit may achieve an ARGUS Platinum Rating. ARGUS collaborated with various internal and external subject matter experts with a vast amount of UAS experience to develop a comprehensive standard for




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