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ISO 27001

What it Means and Why it Matters
ISO 27001 Data Safety

Data insecurity is a constant worry on the minds of consumers and organizations. With ongoing efforts to extract and misuse data from customers and businesses, the fear of anyone having access to their data can cause hesitation.


In recent years, the number of companies that publicly disclosed an information security breach reached new highs. These disclosures are often too little too late, leaving consumers only with the harmful effects of their sensitive data being exposed. As the number of these instances increase, it makes it more difficult to place faith in companies that need data to operate. Companies that operate using sensitive data need to make a greater effort to protect client information.


The protection of sensitive information is an internalized culture at ARGUS, and it is something ARGUS is continuously working to improve. The third-party information security audit firm A-LIGN has certified ARGUS International with the information security designation ISO 27001 to identify the commitment to data security. The ISO 27001 certification allows ARGUS to show customers the work being done to ensure their data always remains secure. The ISO 27001 certification is a milestone that ARGUS has worked toward for several years.

Essentially the ISO 27001 serves as a baseline data security standard that is acknowledged and respected internationally. Additionally, as an ISO 27001 certified company, we align ourselves closer with customer security requirements, increase the reliability and security of our systems, and bolsters our resilience against risks associated with data breaches. This certification differentiates us from our industry peers in an environment where occurrences of compromised data are becoming more prevalent. Our ISO 27001 certification will open new avenues for special projects and consulting for your organization and organizations you serve.


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