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ARGUS Rated Charter Brokers Are The ONLY RATED BROKERS Fully Endorsed By The Air Charter Association.

Distinguish your Charter Broker Operation from the rest of your industry with an ARGUS Registered Charter Broker Rating.  Your commitment to integrity within your operation shows that you have your customer’s best interests in mind.


In addition to our ARGUS Operator Registry – ARGUS has integrated our rating databases with the industry’s most respected online charter marketplaces.  To see the ARGUS Registered Charter Broker directory Please Click Here.

The ARGUS Registered Charter Broker is the Globally Recognized Standard for Quality Charter Brokers

Earning an ARGUS Registered Charter Broker Rating demonstrates your adherence to the only standards fully endorsed by the Air Charter Association.  Your passengers recognize quality.  Let them know that you are the highest quality charter broker in the area.

10 Standards of ARGUS Certified Registered Brokers

The ARGUS Registered Broker Program established a global set of requirements, founded on its own experience, industry input, and recognized best practices, upon which charter brokers can pledge and/or prove their compliance with the Program Requirements.  To see the ARGUS Registered Charter Broker directory Please Click Here.

registered charter broker
  • Ethical & legal business practices

  • Compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and customer-dictated preferences

  • Fiscal integrity and appropriate transparency throughout the transaction

  • Resource mechanisms for complaints, disputes, investigation, and resolution

  • Compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and customer-dictated preferences

  • Perform due diligence on charter operators in a systemic and consistent manner

  • Compliance with industry standards for charter brokers

  • Aviation knowledge and brokering experience

  • Passenger comfort and services

  • Employee hiring and training practices relevant to the business

ARGUS Registered Charter Brokers stand for quality, integrity, safety, and the highest customer service standards. Become one of the best in your industry. 

STAND ABOVE THE COMPETITION.  GET STARTED TODAY!   The most accurate and detailed third-party due diligence system for registered charter brokers throughout the world – an ARGUS Charter Broker Rating sets the industry standard.


Complete the application and pay the $350 application fee to take the first step in becoming an ARGUS Registered Charter Broker.  Additional subscription fees will be applied when your application is accepted.  Speak with a Sales Manager using the Chat Box below or click here to contact us for specific details.