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Practical skills training for those looking to become IOSA auditors


The knowledge and tools you need to conduct different types of aviation audits


A virtual course for managers, staff, & auditors about the parameters of the IOSA audit


Training that focus on the differences between ISM Ed. 12 and ISM Ed. 13

ARGUS is taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously. This live, in-person, class has been moved to a location that will accommodate the social distancing measures recommended by the CDC. The State of Colorado now has in place a mandatory mask order that applies within all indoor public spaces. Assuming the order stays in place through September, all students will be required to wear a mask while attending the course. Hand sanitizer will be available for participants. For more information about current COVID precautions and requirements please see our Frequently Asked Questions section.

IOSA Auditor Training

IOSA Auditor Training teaches both those looking to be IOSA Auditors and airline staff how to successfully work within the IOSA. During the IOSA Auditor Training, you will learn practical skills training on making assessments of airline management, general corporate organization and management systems, and airline processes and procedures against the IOSA Standard.

Aviation Lead Auditor Training

Aviation Lead Auditor training gives you the pertinent knowledge and practical tools necessary to conduct aviation audits, including internal, external, third party, and airline codeshare. Students will study the applicable aviation standards and learn how to assess conformance and compliance. ALAT training course satisfies the auditor training requirements for anyone wishing to become an IS-BAO or and IOSA auditor.

Virtual IOSA Conformance Auditor Training

ARGUS PROS Virtual ICAT training course is a 3 day workshop dedicated to the education of operational managers, staff, and auditors. It focuses on the parameters surrounding the IOSA on-site event.

Recurrent - ICAT Training

The Recurrent IOSA Conformance Auditor Training focuses on the differences between ISM Ed. 12 and ISM Ed. 13.  This course is taught through a webinar and can be taken wherever is convenient for you.

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