The ARGUS Audit Standard designed for commercial Unmanned Aircraft Operations to assess their operational safety and quality standards relative to industry best practices.

With thousands of commercial UAS operators already in business, and countless new entrants every day, unmanned operators need a way of differentiating themselves from the multitude of competitors.

The ARGUS Audit Standard is available to our existing business aviation operators looking to integrate UAS into their family of services, as well as independent UAS commercial operators who are looking to ensure they are operating at a recognized best practices level.

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The ARGUS Audit Standard designed for non-commercial Small Unmanned Aircraft Operations to assess their operational safety and quality standards relative to industry best practices.

With over 20 years of experience objectively evaluating flight department safety standards, ARGUS is the most experienced and trusted third party organization in the aviation industry.

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A robust safety management program is essential as UAS operations scale in volume and complexity.

ARGUS already possesses decades of experience in safety management with the traditional aviation industry, and enjoys global recognition as the worldwide leader in Safety Management Systems (SMS) solutions and safety certification services.

ARGUS Unmanned is proud to offer the industry’s leading solution to SMS for operators of mixed fleets (manned aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems) or a dedicated SMS solution for standalone UAS operators through its widely adopted SMS known as ARMOR.

With ARMOR, customers can access analytics dashboards, create custom reporting templates, manage and administer an Internal Evaluation Program (IEP) and a Hazard Identification Program, as well as disseminate a powerful Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) that computes risk based on proprietary algorithms developed internally with our aviation and UAS safety experts at ARGUS.

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The Unmanned Safety Institute, a subsidiary of ARGUS International, offers a comprehensive suite of flight safety education and remote pilot training programs designed for individuals of all levels.  

USI has trained more professional remote pilots than any other organization of its kind, and is officially recognized by the Department of Education, is endorsed by aviation insurance providers, and is an FAA-accepted training provider.  With both online and in-person classes available, USI is your one-stop-shop for professional UAS training that is continually ranked as best in class.

Our education and training programs include:

  • SAFEGUARD™ – A one-hour, self-paced eLearning course designed for Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) hobbyists and enthusiasts who would like to learn traditional flight safety principles and aviation safety practices that will enhance their operational control and minimize risk in flight.  Students receive a Record of Training that may be presented to select insurance providers for discounts.
  • Small UAS Flight Safety Endorsement – A 3-4 hour, self-paced eLearning course designed for individuals who hold an existing Part 61 airman certificate and who intend to operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for civil or commercial purposes, or public agencies that will elect to self-certify their UAS operations.  Successful candidates of this course earn a USI Safety Endorsement that may be presented to insurance providers for substantial discounts.
  • Small UAS Safety Ground School™ – A 24 hour, self-paced eLearning course that sets a sturdy foundation of required aeronautical knowledge for remote pilots operating UAS weighing up to 55 lbs MGTOW.  The curriculum meets and exceeds all aeronautical knowledge factors outlined by the FAA for the Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) examiniation to those who intend to obtain a Remote Pilot certificate (RPC) and includes advanced safety concepts and practices to develop responsible, safety-certified remote pilots.  Students who successfully complete the course are eligible for special insurance discounts through the Unmanned Safety Institute, and are well prepared to pass the UAG exam and earn their FAA RPC.  Successful candidates of this course earn a USI Certificate of Training valid for 24 months.  This course is eligible for FAA WINGS credit.

  • Small UAS Safety Certificate™ – A certificate program comprising 155-content hours of education material (four college courses) and culminating in USI’s globally-recognized industry Certificate.  The Small UAS Safety curriculum program was designed for colleges and universities whose students are interested in a career in unmanned aviation.  Topics of instruction include: UAS Foundations, Robotic Aircraft, Data Links, UAS Control, Payloads, Weather and Elements, UAS Applications, Professionalism, Rules and Regulations, Airport Operations, Human Factors, Crew Resource Management, Aeronautical Decision-making, Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion.  Successful candidates in this course earn USI’s leading Industry Certificate, the Small UAS Safety Certificate™ and are eligible for a PRO rating.

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The ARGUS Unmanned Safety Partnership is the only program in the UAS industry to combine all your safety, training and quality ratings needs into one all-inclusive package.

There is no better value in the marketplace that will support safe and efficient UAS operations and provide commercial operators with a trusted, independent vetting source that will expedite new business opportunities.  ARGUS Unmanned Safety Partnership program may include a myriad of services, such as:

  • Data management services for ARGUS Gold or Platinum rated operators
  • ARGUS Audit Standard designed for commercial UAS operators
  • Exclusive USI online training and educational support and resources
  • USI Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual
  • PRISM’s industry-leading SMS ARMOR software

ARGUS’ Safety Partnership program gives your operation the power of a complete service package, with the freedom to choose a flexible plan.

Safety Partnership Chart

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