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ARGUS Audit Standard Revision Updates

What are the new ARGUS Audit Standards and When Do You Need To Put Them In To Practice

ARGUS Audit Standard Revision Updates

ARGUS Audit Standard Revision Updates the Most Comprehensive Audit Standards Available Today.


Change is to be expected in aviation. Technology and regulations are just two of the factors that drive change in the aviation industry. To meet these changes, ARGUS has updated the ARGUS Audit Standards. In revising the standard, we listened to the feedback our operators provided, along with input from our Auditors and the Business Aviation community. Our goal was to ensure the ARGUS Audit Standard remains comprehensive and helpful to your operation.  So, what are some of the upcoming changes to the ARGUS Audit Standard? While the standard varies for different operations, you can watch the full webinar here, or read about the changes below.

ARGUS Audit Standard Rollout Timeline


You may be wondering how fast you are going to be required to implement the new standards.  Don’t worry.  We have taken that into consideration.  The rollout of the ARGUS Audit Standards will be as follows:



July 1

We will begin communicating our new Audit standards to the aviation community. New operators will begin using the new ARGUS Audit Standard on July 1, 2020.


July 1 – September 30

Operators renewing their ARGUS Audit will be given the choice to use the existing ARGUS audit standard or the new ARGUS audit standard during this period.


October 1

As of October 1, 2020, all audits will be required to use the revised ARGUS Audit Standard.



Are you planning on scheduling your ARGUS Audit in 2020?  Reach out to us today and get ALL your questions answered about the new audit standards.

New ARGUS Audit Standards for:  Stabilized Approaches


 ARGUS added new standards requiring operators to define policies and operating criteria for stabilized approaches to minimize loss of control, Controlled Flight into Terrain, and runway excursions. Research shows the importance of these policies as Stabilized Approaches were a causal factor in 60 percent of approach and landing accidents and incidents during the period 1984 to 1997.

Revised Audit Standards for:  Safety Risk Profiles


Why has ARGUS found it important to mention Safety Risk Profiles in the updated ARGUS Audit Standard?


  1. The Safety Risk Profile is frequently misunderstood, undermining the effectiveness of the tool.
  2. The Safety Risk Profile is a particularly valuable tool for operators of all sizes to use to clearly identify the risks the operator faces, the mitigations in place and evaluate their effectiveness.
  3. The Safety Risk Profile standard now requires a list of significant loss exposures and the associated risks, an analysis of the likelihood of losses, and the severity of the risk for both pre-mitigation and post-mitigation.


An effective Safety Risk Profile serves as a tool that allows your operation to make informed decisions.

New Audit Standard Requirement for: Vendor Oversight in Maintenance


  1. ARGUS added requirements to applicable maintenance standards to ensure operators identify and account for risk presented by outside providers. The operator’s applicable process, procedure, and/or policy shall include methods to ensure vendor conformance, as appropriate.
  2. Ensure your customers quality expectations are met.

Revised Audit Standards for: Ground Handling


ARGUS PROS revised Ground Handling standards to help operators identify and account for risk presented by outside handlers. The previous implementation of ground handling procedures has been beneficial. However, less attention paid to operations away from the home base.  Studies have found that business aircraft operators are 800 times more likely to damage aircraft during ground handling than in an accident. That is a huge number!  An even larger number is the $1 billion annually spent indirect costs of ground damage incidents.  This revised standard is designed to help operators identify and account for risk presented by outside handlers.

New Recommended Practices contained in this revision include:


 Maintenance Check Flights, Flight Data Monitoring, and Fatigue Management.  We will have a second blog post that focuses on the recommended practices.  When that post is up, we will link to it here.  In the meantime, if you would like more information about these recommended practices, please reach out to your sales representative here or use our chatbox below to talk to someone now.

Would You Like More Information About The ARGUS Audit Standard?


The ARGUS Audit Standard is a comprehensive standard designed to help operators assess their flight and maintenance operations. To learn more about The ARGUS Audit Standard and The ARGUS Rating system that goes along with it, click below.

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ARGUS  has a service that acts as a due-diligence tool to evaluate an operator’s policies, procedures, and performance.  An ARGUS Best Practices Assessment will take a look at the areas of your flight operation that come up in an audit.  Compare your current flight operation procedures to those evaluated in an ARGUS Audit.  Click Below For More Information.

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